Getting the Love You Want

A 2-Day Relationship Transformative Weekend
March 22nd - 23rd 2020 (space is limited)


Ready to renew, (re)discover, or strengthen your relationship?

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WHEN: March 22 & 23, 2020 / 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (break for lunch 1-2 PM)

LOCATION: Northeastern Professional Counseling in Elizabeth City, NC

COST: $650 per couple.

INCLUDES: 2 days of transformative Imago couples work, your workshop materials and drinks/light snacks for both days.

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What If...

  • you KNEW before you said "I DO!"?

  • you understood why you picked your partner and you could answer [for certain] are they still "right" for you?

  • you could say anything and be heard, seen and understood?

  • your partner actually responded to your desires?

  • you had the knowledge to reclaim the love you felt when you got married?

  • you could see your partner in a way you never have before, even after 20 years of marriage?

  • your relationship didn't have to be hard?

  • you had the communication skills to REALLY hear, understand and connect with your partner?

All of this is absolutely possible with Imago!

Imago Workshops have been researched to be worth 3-6 months of therapy and is a World Renowned, highly sought after relationship workshop that couples around the world are using to TRULY create the relationship they desire. Northeast North Carolina and Hampton Roads are overwhelmingly fortunate to have Trudy Burgess, Imago Certified Therapist, bringing this immensely effective couples work to our area.

But Is This Weekend Workshop Right For You?

This is not a workshop for the faint of heart. It is a transformative weekend for couples wanting to secure their relationship forever. The results are life-altering and you WILL walk away different people.

Whether you are newly engaged and looking toward the rest of your lives together or are 25 years in and looking back, wondering where the love went, Trudy will teach, guide and practice with you the skills needed to discover, renew, deepen and strengthen your relationship.

You and your partner will uncover language that is relationship destructive and discover skills of listening, communicating, connecting so you and partner can intentionally create a relationship you didn't know was possible.

What You Will Walk Away With

  • Understand why you chose the partner you did and if you should stay.

  • Discern how your seemingly unresolvable conflicts are actually why are ARE the perfect fit.

  • Insight into how you got where you are and tools to avoid getting there again.

  • Communication skills that will keep you passionate and close.

  • Uncapped capacity to resolve conflicts.

  • Skills to heal from wounds you never thought would go away.

  • Regained passion, hope and trust.

  • How to FALL IN LOVE and stay there.

About Trudy

Trudy has been an Imago Certified Therapist with a special certification in "Getting the Love You Want" workshop provider for 20 years. Her work in the Imago community has been so effective, the Founders, Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD have endorsed her (video link above).

Originally from Tidewater area in Virginia, Trudy returns weekly to Eastern NC where she has practiced 26 years. Her faves are her twin sister (affectionately nicknamed Madea) and twin nephews, who bring her all the joy in the world.

Around NPC, we call her the "Marriage Whisperer" and while she lovingly shews us away, it's true! Couples from all walks of live emerge from her office reconnected, deepened, strengthened and it couldn't bring us more smiles!

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