Relationship Counseling

Make happily ever after possible

Pressing the Reset Button

Let’s be honest.

No one starts a relationship with the expectation it will fail. The initial visceral attraction, electric connection and excited energy feel like they will last forever.

Until they don’t.

Life happens to everyone. Buying a home, going back to school, changing careers, moving, having children, a death in the family, and any myriad of other life-altering changes can find you standing in the kitchen one day looking at your significant other wondering who they are and how you got here.

I’ll let you in on a secret… you’re not the only one.

We offer relationship therapy and have tools, educational resources and therapeutic techniques to help you and your partner heal, grow, and connect to find a deeper love than ever before.

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Realistic Expectations

Relationship Counseling is a journey and is very effective when approached with an open heart, yet realistic expectations must be explored.

First, your therapist will assess the level of desire to stay in the relationship. While you may be a “couple”, individually, you may not have the same hopes for the future of your relationship.

Once a baseline is established, your therapist will help you discover what brought you to this point in your relationship so you can uncover where the disconnects are

Finally, you will work closely with your therapist on a game plan. Goals, desires, boundaries, hopes, clear expectations and wishes will be established. Each person will start to see a clearer picture of what the future could look like for the relationship.

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